Krista Inochovsky

Certified Life Coach

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It’s All In Your Mind

                 Creating a Mindset for Extraordinary Life, Love & Success


Your mind is working all the time. The question is what are you thinking about?

Replaying struggles of the past and fearing the unknown future is sabotaging your happiness and potential achievements.    


You are a powerful creator. If you are willing to take 100% responsibility for your life, thoughts and emotions THEN and only then can you tap into your full power.  Are you willing to step into your full power to create an extraordinary life of love, fulfillment, and success?

Your thoughts create your reality and shape your future. Let that sink it. Your thoughts create your reality. No one else can think for you. I teach my clients how to think differently to break the repeating patterns that keep them stuck and how to influence your subconscious to forge new paths for success in every area of life.

The greatest gift you can give another person is your own happiness.

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 Become the Greatest Expression of You

                 High Achievers know the value of personal growth & human potential.

People who have empowering beliefs have habits for success.

When you pair empowering beliefs with emotions and habits for success, you become unlimited.

Change is inevitable. We can either learn and change in a state of pain and suffering or we can evolve in a state of joy and inspiration. The choice is yours. I work with people who choose to proactively evolve & change for high performance, greater impact, and life satisfaction.

Sometimes you have to destroy a part of your life to let the next big thing in.

"Krista ignited a spark in me that had been dim. My inner victor woke up!"

Work With Me

Confidence. Clarity. Beliefs. Breakthroughs.

Are you ready to become a more powerful creator of your life & future?

For a limited time, I am offering a powerful assessment and session for those ready to take action. $75 (Value $199)

  • Explore what you truly desire out of life & what it takes to create that.

  • Uncover subconscious patterns that keep you stuck & any blocks sabotaging your success in life category

  • Identify one simple step you can take to immediately get into action


I know that you want results so, if you’re brave enough – Click BOOK A DISCOVERY CALL


This is your invitation to uplevel your personal power to create an extraordinary life!


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 Results for Your Life

 All potential experiences exist in the quantum field as a sea of infinite possibilities.

Doing the work works. Clients say:

  • Increased overall life satisfaction and feeling "lit up" & enthusiastic 

  • Increased confidence; developed a relationship with Self-> self-love, intuition, & grace

  • Released long-held limiting beliefs that caused repeating patterns of frustration

  • Greatly increased focus resulting in productivity and decreased anxiety & overwhelm

  • Clarity of vision & purpose and built the belief that I can do it

  • My relationships got more meaningful and loving. We learned to be present. 

  • I was inspired to improve my health. I changed several behaviors resulting in increased energy, health and more time to make fun a priority. 

Meet Krista

Krista Inochovsky has been challenging entrepreneurs and professionals for years to expand their vision of life, love and success. Krista is the founder Expand Your Life, a  certified Life Coach and trained Mastermind Facilitator who helps people develop the skills they need to improve themselves and the world by unlocking their potential and pursue greatness. Opening your eyes to the power of perspective, Krista engages people to explore how they think, feel and perceive their life experience. Using mindset, meditation and even yoga as tools, Krista guides people to be powerful creators.  


Krista leads IGNITE YOUR SPARK talks, workshops and programs for teenagers, professionals, entrepreneurs and people who do desire to live at the top of their game!


 Krista is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Athena NextGen and has presented at Starter Studio, UCF Incubator, Microsoft, Blackstone Entrepreneur's  Launchpad at UCF, is a contributor for Wisdom Times, FOX 35 News, JVology Show, has been featured on countless podcasts, summits, and much more. She has trained in multiple modalities by top thought-leaders in personal development, mindfulness, and wellness for decades.  

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Client Experience

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I feel fresh, bold & amazing

My name is Skip West always a top achiever with an A+ personality. Top financial planner for over 18 years with over 1400 clients. I have recently had major back surgery with fusions at two levels & the woman of my dreams decided to end our relationship. More depressed than I would ever want to admit so I won’t was introduced to Krista. She has been my angel and a true blessing. During our first session, I knew God sent her to help me get a fresh, bold and an amazing start. We conference every Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 8 AM for 30 minutes. I find myself getting ready for our session by 7:00 AM. If you are ready to take a giant start to the life of your dreams, stop & contact Krista today. You will never look back. As Jesus told his disciples “once you put your hands to the plow, don’t look back”

Skip West, Founder & CEO West Fiancial

You re-lit a fire within me

"Krista, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance to help me pull off the drapes I had covered myself with. The simple but very effective strategies you coached me with re-lit a fire in me that had become a flicker. Looking forward to so much more. Thank you, lovely!"  #successcoach #masterminds#highlevelconnection #personalgrowth #businessgrowth

Cristiano Alves

Tribe leader. Commands the room.

Krista has an infectious smile and is full of energy. She has the ability to convey information with meaning and impact. She is a tribe builder and wealth influencer. Krista commands the room with her knowledge, her know-how, and creates dynamic synergy within groups she facilitates. 

Dawn Raquel Jensen, Social Media Trainer | Speaker | Coach ⚜ Social Business Strategist ⚜ Social Media Consultant

Increased my potential and success

“I had no real idea of what to expect when I joined Krista’s Mastermind Group---but once involved I was pleasantly surprised!  The tools and ideas to implement into my life to increase my potential and success have been impactful.  Also, I have really enjoyed making new friends with such inspiring ladies and have enjoyed their support and ideas.  We all have the power to change our own Mindset and I am grateful for Krista’s guidance in helping me lead an Audacious Life!”

Amy Chapman, CPA, Principal

I put my dreams first for a change

Being part of a mastermind motivated me to move forward on goals and dreams that I had put aside. The investment I made in myself gave me “skin in the game” to buckle down and put my dreams first for a change. My life has moved forward and I am on the path to making them come true! Thanks to Krista and my Mastermind group for their faith in me and for letting me be part of their journey!

Genon Murray, Creative Writer/Producer at Synthesis Storyworks

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