You Can Help Spread Joy!

Here's how...



Thanks for being an M:POWERED ADVOCATE willing to help us reach our goal of encouraging and uplifting 1000 teens, tweens, parents and teachers!


It’s so easy!


  1. DOWNLOAD the Confidence Card image below (PDF)

  2. PRINT: Goto Walgreens, Walmart or another 1-hour photo printer in your area.

    1. You can almost always find a coupon for 75-100 4x6 prints for $10!

    2. Pick up your prints

  3. SHARE!

    1. Hang a Confidence Card where you will see it daily :) 

    2. Post the cards around your school and community

    3. Give friends 4 cards each: 1 for the friend to hang up (don’t forget to write a note on the back with Sharpie) then ask the friend to give away the other 3 with a note on the back.


    1. Post selfies with Card and with a friend

    2. Post pics of places where you hung the Card

    3. Hashtag #mpoweredteens

  5. REGISTER: here

    1. Your Name

    2. Your Email

    3. # of Cards you are sharing 

This way we will know when we hit 1000 and I can say Thank You!​


Thanks for spreading encouragement & good vibes across the land. 

You can share these instructions with friends in other cities and states too!


Bonus: Print one 8x10 and tape to a ruler for 

great pictures like these! 

Download card

for orlando

download cards

for any city

MP 6x4 Nationalwide.png

Post your pics on social


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