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Krista Inochovsky

Emcee & Yoga    for Events

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Jump-start the day with Yoga! Add an open-level yoga class for your attendees to overcome jet-lag, relieve stress and increase energy. This yoga class helps attendees to develop greater motivation, clarity, creativity and camaraderie. 


Start the day opening the body & mind with an invigorating stretch class follow by a guided power-walk or jog through the beautiful Grand Cypress property.


Countless studies reveal the many benefits of practicing daily meditation (deep focused relaxation.) In this class, attendees will learn simple ways to mediate as well as when, how and why.


Keep your audience’s attention & the event running smoothly with Krista as your Emcee. Introducing presenters.

Interviewing your execs. 


Meet your instructor:

Krista is a professional dancer, spokes person; yoga, fitness and meditation leader. She been inspiring people to good health & happiness for 20 years. 

To add any of these yoga, fitness or meditation classes to your conference or to book Krista as an emcee or presenter, contact:

Krista Inochovsky at

407-375-3404 or