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Are you thirsty for something new & different?

You can experience a joyful collaboration, self discovery & a fresh outlook on your life... body, mindset & success! 

Join me & treat yourself to a new way of connecting with other successful, forward thinking professionals in a fun & highly effective environment. 

Be Curious.

Discover More About You.

WHAT: Experience Mastermind is a 1- time event; a professionally facilitated small group gathering for high-level idea exchange and busting through personal and business related roadblocks to identify clear "next steps" on your journey for success.

This small-group experience will invoke you to brighten your VISION, overcome obstacles and through the combined GENIUS of the group, 

help each other form bolder, clearer ACTION steps 

to achieve your vision faster and with amplified CONFIDENCE.

WHO:  Growth-minded people who are willing to redefine the meaning of "success" and take clear, committed action to live powerfully. People who are curious to participate in the "Hot Seat" for self-discovery & receive support and ideas from the group. And for those interested in belonging to a Mastermind group lead by Krista Inochovsky.

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 Experience Mastermind 

 Hi, I'm Krista!

I assemble alliances of like-minded women who are committed to becoming the best version of themselves. People who are exploring their own definition of success and are seeking accountability and support in pursuit of a life they desire.  People who desire to make an impact in the world.


Below, I'll tell you what Mastermind is, how becoming an active member will grow your impact, influence and income; while experiencing more joy & fulfillment in your life. And I'll give you an opportunity to "try" or experience a Mastermind with me.


“I'm walking on cloud 9, and it was my first MM! Thank you everyone for your feedback advice, and thank you for sharing your concerns and plans and accomplishments with me, I learned so much! Thank you Krista Inochovsky for hosting MM, I cannot wait until the next session! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!” 

—  Aldania, Owner: Two On An Island