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Ignite a spark within you to shine with ease, joy, and audacious authenticity.

Heart-felt note from Krista

   It's my strong belief that we have to enter 2021 with a heightened awareness & we must turn off auto-pilot. There will be two types of people... those who follow & survive.... and those who LEAD & CREATE. 

   If you are committed to lead & create to positively impact your life, family & business then I invite you to join me.

   Let's step into this new level of thinking and living together. Let's all step up for the collective good and to create a life you desire despite the changing world around us. 

                   With love & light,




Ignite Mastermind is created for fast action to support you in getting clear on how to align your energy & focus in 2021 to be audaciously you.

The Promise

You are smart, successful, and have people who depend on you. I know you do not need a time-sucking program to take. You want a spark that ignites your energy & excitement for life. 

That's why I created an accelerated path to help get you results fast. 

The Mastermind sessions will give you access to the collective genius of the group expanding your mind and possibilities to become crystal clear on what you want & how to align your energy & focus to be audaciously you.

The Program

Connect with Krista to apply for the next Ignite program or to explore private coaching. 


Light it up!


Spark your life!

Meet Krista

Krista Inochovsky has been challenging entrepreneurs and professionals for years to expand their vision of life, love and success. Krista is the founder of Expand Your Life, a  certified Life Coach and trained Mastermind Facilitator who helps people develop the skills they need to improve themselves and the world by unlocking their potential and pursue greatness. Opening your eyes to the power of perspective, Krista engages people to explore how they think, feel and perceive their life experience. Using mindset, meditation and even yoga as tools, Krista guides people to be powerful creators.

Krista is an alumnus of the University of Central Florida, Athena NextGen and has presented at Starter Studio, UCF Incubator, Microsoft, Blackstone Entrepreneur's  Launchpad at UCF, is a contributor for Wisdom Times, FOX 35 News, JVology Show, has been featured on countless podcasts, summits, and much more. She has trained in multiple modalities by top thought-leaders in personal development, mindfulness, and wellness for decades.