Mindfulness Works

Krista Inochovsky is a dynamic speaker who teaches mindfulness to help your team become more aware of how they feel and react to emotion and be more present in how they listen and communicate, raising the overall level of consciousness in the workplace. Krista’s talks and interactive workshops engage employees to explore new perspectives and adopt new behaviors for success.

Rooted in neuroscience, quantum physics and law of attraction, Krist engages people to explore how they think, feel and perceive their life experiences. Using mindset, meditation, and even yoga as tools, Krista guides people to be powerful creators resulting in increased productivity, improved relationships through communication skills, decreased stress and a greater sense of life satisfaction. 


In The Workplace

Productivity & Collaboration Through Mindfulness

Being present and mindful means being more focused and productive. The research is undeniable - if you want to decrease stress and increase efficiency among your team members, encourage them to practice mindfulness. Mindfulness is now fully mainstream and is a staple of employee development in several Fortune 500 organizations.

Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

Numerous studies have found that mindfulness-based techniques are a viable method for managing stress. Not only can mindfulness reduce stress, but recent studies have also found that mindfulness-based stress reduction training can reduce emotional exhaustion (a dimension of burnout), psychological distress, depression, anxiety, and occupational stress, all of which cost companies thousands of dollars in lost revenue. Improvements were found in terms of personal accomplishment, self-compassion, mental focus, productivity, creativity and collaboration with colleagues.


Krista's style blends confidence with connection that draws in the audience to grasp how one's quality of life, well-being and relationships can greatly improve through shifting one's mindset and practicing mindfulness. This talk empowers individuals to own their thoughts, actions, and emotions to live with intention and gusto! 


Mindfulness Half-Day Introductory Workshop 
This three-hour introductory workshop provides basic training, including instructions on how to practice mindfulness, meditation and self-awareness.

Mindfulness Full-Day Intensive Workshop

This six-hour intensive workshop provides a more full experience with a deeper understanding of mindfulness and tools to defuse stress, overwhelm and tension. 

Mindfulness Series

Ongoing support to follow the progress and implementation of the mindfulness tools is extremely effective for long-term success. The Mindfulness Series consists of a weekly series of 2 hours classes. Talk with Krista about customizing a series schedule that works best for your team. 


Mindfulness In The Workplace

Higher employee engagement

Increase productivity

Adopt healthier habits

Less sick days

  • Focus and Clarity

  • Creativity and Innovation

  • Mindful Communication

  • Respond - don’t react

  • Effective team dynamics

  • Healthy use of technology

  • Recognize unproductive patterns

  • Mindful practices for life at work & home

Improve communication skills

Improve overall mood

Decrease stress at work & home life

Word on the Street

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I feel fresh, bold & amazing

My name is Skip West always a top achiever with an A+ personality. Top financial planner for over 18 years with over 1400 clients. I have recently had major back surgery with fusions at two levels & the woman of my dreams decided to end our relationship. More depressed than I would ever want to admit so I won’t was introduced to Krista. She has been my angel and a true blessing. During our first session, I knew God sent her to help me get a fresh, bold and an amazing start. We conference every Monday. Wednesday and Friday at 8 AM for 30 minutes. I find myself getting ready for our session by 7:00 AM. If you are ready to take a giant start to the life of your dreams, stop & contact Krista today. You will never look back. As Jesus told his disciples “once you put your hands to the plow, don’t look back”

Skip West, Founder & CEO West Fiancial

You re-lit a fire within me

"Krista, I cannot thank you enough for your guidance to help me pull off the drapes I had covered myself with. The simple but very effective strategies you coached me with re-lit a fire in me that had become a flicker. Looking forward to so much more. Thank you, lovely!"  #successcoach #masterminds#highlevelconnection #personalgrowth #businessgrowth

Cristiano Alves

Tribe leader. Commands the room.

Krista has an infectious smile and is full of energy. She has the ability to convey information with meaning and impact. She is a tribe builder and wealth influencer. Krista commands the room with her knowledge, her know-how, and creates dynamic synergy within groups she facilitates. 

Dawn Raquel Jensen, Social Media Trainer | Speaker | Coach ⚜ Social Business Strategist ⚜ Social Media Consultant

Increased my potential and success

“I had no real idea of what to expect when I joined Krista’s Mastermind Group---but once involved I was pleasantly surprised!  The tools and ideas to implement into my life to increase my potential and success have been impactful.  Also, I have really enjoyed making new friends with such inspiring ladies and have enjoyed their support and ideas.  We all have the power to change our own Mindset and I am grateful for Krista’s guidance in helping me lead an Audacious Life!”

Amy Chapman, CPA, Principal

I put my dreams first for a change

Being part of a mastermind motivated me to move forward on goals and dreams that I had put aside. The investment I made in myself gave me “skin in the game” to buckle down and put my dreams first for a change. My life has moved forward and I am on the path to making them come true! Thanks to Krista and my Mastermind group for their faith in me and for letting me be part of their journey!

Genon Murray, Creative Writer/Producer at Synthesis Storyworks

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