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Virtual Group Programs

M:POWERED VIRTUAL GROUP PROGRAMS are enrichment programs designed for middle-schoolers and high-schooler who are eager to experience how meaningful connection and self-confidence can help them achieve greater success in academics, arts, athletics, prepare for college or entrepreneurship  AND give them a greater sense of ease, empathy for others, self-assuredness and much more. 


All groups on LIVE on Zoom led by Krista Inochovsky, certified Life Coach, yoga & mediation leader.                      



In this time when influencers of social media & society weaken girls' impression of themselves, and the effects of COVID are shaking their way of life, schooling, and social interaction, I guide teens to Stand, Walk and Talk with confidence and self-assurance.

Working with Krista, parents feel relief that daughters envision a bright unlimited future for themselves and articulate strong communication skills and presence for college and beyond. 

Group Program Details

Here's What You Get!


Student Group Sessions: 

The teens will interact with each other during these facilitated discussions encouraging expansive thinking, collaboration, self-expression, leadership skills, and effective communication practice.

Meditation & Yoga Classes: In addition to the weekly group sessions, Krista will lead a weekly meditation or yoga class on Zoom. Family members are invited to participate as well.

Family Bonuses:  2x Mom/ Dad Group Sessions: 1) to introduce the program (week #1) and 2) to conclude the program (week #8). 


To support your child's progress, it's important that parents know what is being taught. Therefore, as a bonus, I offer a weekly virtual lesson for the entire family. Videos are posted weekly on the group's private FB page.​ 

M:Powered Program Includes

  • Virtual online interactive class

  • 8-week program

  • 8 Teen Sessions, 1 per week (60-70 min)

  • 3 Meditation classes (week #2, 4, 6. approx 30 min)

  • 3 Yoga classes (week #3, 5, 7. approx 30 min)

  • 2 Parents Sessions (week #1 and #8)

  • Family Bonus Videos Weekly (7 videos)

  • Private FB Group access

  • Total of 16 sessions + 7 videos

  • Tuition: $697 or 2 payments of $375


M:Powered PLATINUM Program Includes

  • Everything listed above

  • Plus 4 Private Coaching sessions (for mom or teen)

  • Miracle Morning Routine family session 

  • Tuition: $997 or 2 payments of $547

Now Filling 2 Groups

  • Middle School-aged girls

  • High School-aged girls 

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Krista will contact you within 24 hours to learn about your daughter to ensure a good fit for this program.  

*Class times TBD 

Private 1-on-1 Coaching also available.

Krista will answer all of your questions!


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of the M:POWERED class models that of Mastermind Groups used by highly successful leaders. This format of interactive discussion strengthens LEADERSHIP SKILLS in the students including:

  • Communication skills

  • Active listening

  • Improved sense of self

  • Empathy

  • Collaboration

  • Creative thinking

  • Problem-solving

  • Public speaking

Empowering young ladies to uncover the best of herself to shine!