Join Project: (re)Creating You


Is there a more vibrant version of you inside itching to come out?


Do you desire to show up as the best version of yourself everyday?


Do you want to live a purpose-filled and abundant life?


Do you want to earn more money & prepare for a bright future?


Yes, Yes, Yes .... and Yes!


The problem is “real life” interferes and knocks us into a daily routine filled with “have to’s” instead “I want to’s”.  In 6 lessons, you will be given the steps and permission to (re)create you into the person you know you were destined to be and live a life you love.



  • more joy

  • more vitality

  • more purpose

  • more money

 During this 6-week class, you will explore, discover and achieve your goals:

  • What if you actually claimed your power to create a life you love by starting with you? 

  • Who am I?

  • Become the artist of your own life.

  • Why goal setting fails.


The Trifecta To Success (mind, skill, action)

  • Mindset: perception, beliefs, subconscious. 

  • Skill Set: learning, information, education, knowledge, 

  • Action Steps: plans, choices, action, momentum, consistency. 

  • Illustration (analogy) of why the trifecta works.

  • What is ‘default mode’ & how to reset to a new default.


(re)Create You to live life on purpose and with purpose!



  • Purpose + Passion = Peace & Prosperity 

  • Why you might be disconnected from purpose.

    • Choice

    • Three levels deep for a stronger WHY.


The Energy of Good HEALTH

  • Physical & mental wellbeing, wholeness, and longevity. 

    • Choice

    • Connection between your Health & your Purpose.

    • Three levels deep for a stronger WHY


The People Who Surround You: RELATIONSHIPS

  • The influence of those around you.

    • Choice

    • Three levels deep for a stronger WHY.

    • Connection to your Purpose & Health.


Embrace the Role MONEY Plays in Your Life

  • Trifecta For Financial Success (mind, skill, action)

    • Choice

    • Three levels deep for a stronger WHY.

    • Connection to Purpose, Health & Relationships.


The road to financial abundance & freedom starts now.



Your Investment:


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No Excuse


Hi it's Krista,


Because I am so committed to improve the lives & money paths of SO many women across the country, I have decided to offer a NO EXCUSE SPECIAL!


I promise you will receive at least 5x the value of your investment. Will you promise to commit to yourself 100%? 


Let's do it!

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