The Retreat

Friday February 3rd 


Dr. Phillips, Orlando

(exact address give once you register)

You are invited to experience a day that your soul desires!


Revive, renew, refresh, release, retreat.


Can you imagine how it would feel to let go

of all obligations and "real life" for day?

What happens when you imagine yourself fully relaxed and carefree while sharing new experiences with a few amazing women? 

By the time you've started to fall in-love with these body & mindfulness

activities ~ you will have already decided to add them to your daily life

to have more energy & focus

with less stress & friction.










Bliss Therapy is a day retreat for you, the busy woman who deserves to refresh, revive, rejoice and reconnect to your soul and your desires for a happy, vibrant future. 

Who: This retreat is limited to 10 women who are open to relax & play with mind-body exercises including yoga, guided mediation, creative drawing, journaling, sharing and being pampered.


When: FridayFebruary 3rd 5pm- 10pm

Why so long: Bliss is an immersive experience; a day to check-out from your normal responsibilities and check-in with you. 

Where: Orlando at a private residence in Dr. Phillips.

What's Included: Bliss Therapy Retreat immersive experience is an all-inclusive event offering a pre-retreat personal assessment, playbook & video.

At the retreat enjoy healthy snacks, delicious dinner and a dessert & wine-down finale'. Your experience will include supplies for creative journaling & drawing, guided visualization meditation, yoga, music, a walk in the park, group discussions, fun, laughter, a lakeside sunset meditation, a mastermind session and more!

What Else: More than just an amazing day of bliss, you will learn mindfulness techniques to help you better manage stress and anxiety in your everyday life. I will share with you a morning routine that will help you feel centered, calm & ready for the day ahead all year long. As well as evening habits for a better night's sleep. 

I invite you to experience an exclusive day of learning multiple ways that 'conscious self-development' can elevate your everyday life.

You desire to live each day full-out

and are curious to find a fluid balance of quiet peace & high energy.

You embrace new experience & know that there is always more to learn

and open to learn new ways to make life more pleasurable.

This is why you will attend Bliss Therapy: Retreat!

Hello ladies,

I'm your host  & guide Krista Inochovsky. I've created this retreat with you in mind.


I personally see how demanding life can be for the modern woman. 


You deserve Bliss Therapy!

Being a yoga and meditation guide, a mindfulness coach and a mastermind facilitator, I am excited to share all of these experiences with you in one immersive Day Retreat.


My passion is igniting the flame within others & encouraging them to "live full-out."

This is the best way I can imagine doing just that... for you. 

You deserve a day you'll love with lessons to last a lifetime.

Welcome to Bliss!


Lakeside Meditation happens here!

  • More joy

  • More happiness

  • More time for you

  • More time with your family or friends

  • More career and financial success

  • More money

  • More fun 

  • More kindness to yourself

So what are you doing about it?

How are you going to get or be what you want?

You are ahead of most  people if you have taken the time to identify what you want.

The next step is to think about the details of what you want and consider a plan to take a action.

Sadly... honestly... most people stop there.

If you want to actually achieve what you want, it takes more.


Below are 4 key elements to give you the best chance at successfully achieving what you want. Do these to get what you want. Anything less is a mere wish. 

  • Less stress

  • Less fear

  • Less self-limiting beliefs

  • Less anxiety

  • Less fighting

  • Less weight

What's Your Desire?

  1. Happiness:  Change your mindset to believe that happiness is not a result of getting what you want. Happiness is a starting point that allows success to follow. Science proves that we are more productive when we are happy.Happiness is a choice yet it takes effort. It is an interrelated choice. 

  2. Social Connection: There is a powerful connection between happiness & performance and having meaningful social connections. Sharing your ideas, challenges, goals and experiences with others is both fun and rewarding.

  3. Experiential Learning: Learning by doing, using all of the senses is exponentially more effective than simply reading about a topic. 

  4. Immersive Experience: Giving yourself time to become immersed in an experience allows you to "go deep" beyond superficial learning and thoughts. You can imagine that a typical 1-hour class sandwhich'ed between your "normal" daily life is not even close to the effectiveness of pausing normal life to delve into a new learning experience that allows you the time to peel back the layers and dive deep for better results.


The findings of this research for effective change is the reason for the format of Bliss Therapy: Retreat. I urge you not to go another year simply "thinking" about what you desire.


Treat yourself to a day that focuses on #1 Happiness and surrounds you with a small group of fantastic women for #2 Social Connection. A day of hands-on, all-in #3 Experiential Learning and you can dive in for #4 an Immersive Experience.    

 How to Go From Desire to Results



“Best Yoga class I've ever taken.” 

—  Lori, VP of Sales

UCF Launchpad
Mastermind by Krista Inochovsky
Corporate Yoga class
Krista Inochovsky on Fox 35 News
Mastmind facilitator & trainer
LAUNCHPAD, Krista Inochovsky
Mastermind in Action
Bliss yoga & meditation
Krista Inochovsky
UCF incubator, Krista Inochovsky
Women's Leadership event
Krista Inochovsky
Bliss Yoga & Meditation Class
Yoga in NYC

"Bliss Therapy: Retreat invites a beautiful coordination of body, mind and soul

to live a life you love."

A retreat for ALL parts of you:

Body Bliss: yoga and walks

Mind Bliss: mindset coaching, mastermind session, creative drawing & journaling activity and authentic group discussions

Soul Bliss: follow guided visualization and learn self guided meditation and then try it lakeside; sound therapy and learn how to use your 5 senses to be more focused, centered, present and reduce stress

Bonus Bliss: food, fun, wine, laughs, connection, nature and more. 

Post- Bliss: you will receive resources and follow ups to help you incorporate the tools you like best into your daily life for long-term benefits. 



The Retreat

Let Bliss Therapy launch you into 2017... igniting your inner strength & joy!


 Rediscover what matters most to you and how to release self-limiting beliefs in order to gain confidence, energy & a fresh outlook for your best year yet!

Get results you desire:

More energy, clarity & goodness + Less stress & limiting beliefs.


You're worth it. 


All-inclusive Retreat

February 3, 2017




This is a fantastic value.

You 'd pay more for a massage

 at the Ritz alone (wink).

Limited space. Lock in today. 

Satisfaction Guaranty: If you do not feel that you received $100 worth of value, please talk with me after the retreat and I will refund you the portion of your fee to match the value you received.


Refunds: Refunds will not be given after January 25, 2017. However, you can transfer your ticket to a friend. 

Krista Inochovsky is NOT offering nor giving medical therapy nor mental health therapy at the retreat nor any other time.