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Goal   Setting  




Tuesday February 23nd 11:30 am- 1

Location: Downtown Orlando

Spice Cafe (Lake Eola) 

407 E. Central Blvd, Orlando 32836 (map)


Are You Committed

To Not Only Set But Actually

Achieve Your Most



This is the Workshop for you if you are:

  • Growing a business

  • Improving yourself personally

  • Expanding your reach & visibility

  • Wanting financial growth

  • Love to learn new methods for success

  • Interested in meeting other women in the community

  • Want to set & achieve Big, Bold, Audacious Goals!!





"I have found that goal setting and goal achieving are two very different tasks. Most busy entrepreneurially minded women (and men) LOVE to set goals but get distracted and do not follow through... "Squirrel!"  


There are key components necessary to successfully accomplish any goal.  I have discovered there are three critical elements that when performed synergistically, will amplify your probability of achieving each goal you desire. I call it the Trifecta For Success. 


Stop playing it safe and small... think BIG!  

Join us to be BOLD and claim your most AUDACIOUS goals yet!"

                                                  ~ Krista Inochovsky            



Tuesday Feb. 23rd  11:30am -1:00pm


The Audacious Goals Workshop is presented by Krista Inochovsky


Guest panel of dynamic women business owners:



What to expect (approximately):

11:30- 11:50: Meet other Savvy Ladies (and a few men) ready to change the world... or at least have fun trying!  Enjoy a light lunch. Grab a bit before the workshop begins.


11:50-12:40: Krista Inochovsky presents The Audacious Goal Workshop, an interactive and engaging workshop that will give you the secret to finally achieve the goals you set using Krista's signature formula The Trifecta To Success.


Meet the Savvy Ladies Panel of Experts , this month I am featuring Carol Cox, Sarah Soliman. and Shel Marks.


12:40 - 1:00: Collaboration: share with other savvy ladies what you are up to and tell us how we can help support & encourage you.









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Krista Inochovsky
Krista Inochovsky

Money Confidence Coach

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Sarah Soliman
Sarah Soliman

Video Production

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Carol Cox
Carol Cox

Speaking Your Brand

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Shel Marks
Shel Marks

Public Relations &Fashion

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Savvy Ladies events- where we bring out the best in each other!
Together we can change the world... or at least have fun trying!

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