Confident or Crazy?

Have you ever woken up thinking,"What I am doing in this job?"

Sure, there are parts you enjoy but something is off. Whether it's you, the industry, the business model, pay structure, the clients, location... something just doesn't work for you anymore. Or maybe it never really did despite trying.

Or maybe you have a nagging feeling that you are NOT living-out your fullest POTENTIAL. Sure it starts as a quiet thought but eventually it becomes an annoying loud voice inside keeping you frustrated until... you shout back, "OK!! What do I have to change?! Do I have the CONFIDENCE to do this or am I crazy?"

Jada Jackson & Krista Inochovsky

Well, this is my story. And I'd love to know about yours.

I had been helping individuals with their finances for years, but over the years, I have discovered a significant truth: most people are not (or think they are not) ready to talk to a financial advisor. Which may be true!

What I found is that most people need (and want) guidance, direction & clarity in their own relationship with money & the role money plays in making their desired life possible. All things that should be explored over time before talking about investment strategies.

I realized my passion was never in product selling but instead in guiding people step by step to uncover mindset roadblocks, alter self-sabotaging habits & bring clarity to busy people.

I had to make an audacious move in my own career to meet people where they are today (overwhelmed & confused about effective wealth creation.)

I'm proud to share with you that I’ve made a bold move OUT of financial planning and into a field much more fitting for my personality & my desire to empower people (especially women) to live their best life.

Now, as a Personal Money-Matters & Confidence Coach, I am here to amplify your mindset, know-how and confidence with the money in your life so you can FUNd Your Life!

I already feel so rewarded by the people who entered my life once I made this shift. I'm partnering & co-creating on a huge project, Happily Ever Wealthy, with the beautiful & brilliant Jada Jackson, LMHC (pictured.) As well, I have a tribe of savvy, strong women from across the country amplifying and supporting each other.

What can you gain for going after your dream?

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