Waking Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed

It's happened before and it'll happen again. You'll wake up to feel that your sparkle & hustle has faded. You might be thinking, "wow, I was on fire with my biz yesterday... I am NOT feeling it today."

The next few minutes and thoughts will determine if this day is a waste-- dragging you down-- you choose to sleep in, eat a doughnut, stay in your robe until noon watching talk shows, you get nothing productive accomplished & feel bad about yourself :(


You can save the day!

The day is NOT lost if you choose to change your mood and stay COMMITTED TO YOUR PURPOSE!

Here are 5 ACTIONS you can take to overcome the "waking up on the wrong side of the bed" syndrome and turn your day around to the PRODUCTIVE, HAPPY DAY YOU DESIRE!

1. Do NOT connect to any of your electronic devises (including TV) until you do the following actions to change your mindset:

2. MORNING MANTRAS: recite your go-to morning mantra, positive mindset phrases or prayer over & over. Set your intention for the day.

I like "All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory." You are welcome to try it.

3. MOVE YOUR BODY: a freely moving body allows for a freely moving mind. Even if you are going to workout in an hour -- I still suggest body-opening movements you can do in your bedroom. Think of moving your spine and joints-- such as big hip circles (like hula-hooping), circling arms (like swimming) and big flowing side stretches.


4. Reconnect to your WHY-- you big PURPOSE

5. Pick one person to LIFT UP, COMPLIMENT or INSPIRE someone-- go do it!

BREATHE! Feeling better? Feeling great?

This is a wonderful way to start every day no matter how you wake up.

I challenge you to do this everyday for 5 days.

Go out there and make it fantastic and purpose filled day!

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