Too Busy To Breathe?

Yoga & meditation can give you a new perspective.




Awe, that's better.

Imagine having a go-to method for overwhelm, stress, anxiousness, judgement and other icky states of mind AND knowing how to pivot into a lovely state of mind quickly.

A beautiful life is simply a series of beautiful days. Yes, all the days in-between vacations & holidays. Every day.

How would feel if you spent the majority of your day in a happy, "I've got this with ease", beautiful state of mind?

Imagine gaining 10 hours back per week in 10 minutes per day!

Most people I work with gain back over 14 hrs/ week...

more time relaxed, more present, more productive, more cheerful, more alive, more energy, more joy.

What will you gain? I'll show you how here.

My mission is to enlighten and lighten-up women (especially moms) mentally and physically to enjoy and embrace life and to live full-out!

I believe women crave a supportive tribe to lift each other up and encourage progressive positive transformation.

There is so much joy to be found in continuous personal growth!

If you would enjoy a day of BLISS for your body, mind and spirit and smile at the thought of a day just for you to relax, revive, rejuvenate and learn how to get 10+ hours back each week with 10 minutes a day then...

join us for BLISS THERAPY: RETREAT a 1-day mindfulness retreat in Orlando for a small group of women.

About your host:

Krista Inochovsky leads yoga, Pilates and guided meditations for over 15 years for corporate retreats, private groups and studios. In addition, Krista is a professional speaker and Mastermind facilitator presenting topics around the Mindset for Success for both personal growth and professional ambitions.

Finally, Krista is combining her talents and experience with yoga, mindfulness, personal development and defining success on your terms- - to offer a full day eventthat invites women to experience and play with healthy methods for personal expansion & happiness! Discover Bliss Therapy: Retreat now


I'd love to hear from you!

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The more you tell me, the more I can create events that match your desires and needs. So, let me know what's on your mind.

p.s.s. Look for the $50 off BLISS pop-up on the info page.

Live full-out,


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