How to Shine on the "Hot Seat" for Success

Just imagine... uninterrupted time to talk about what's most pressing to you right now,

expressing your audacious goals and exploring what's in your way and how to get from here to where you want to be.

Now imagine you are sharing these deep thoughts with a select few who all agreed to uphold:

  • confidentiality

  • judgement free zone

  • supportive energy

  • listen intently

  • helping you to solve your problem and brainstorming

Welcome to the HOT SEAT

The HOT SEAT is the vital part of a MASTERMIND group.

The purpose of the HOT SEAT is to give an individual the opportunity to extensively explore what he or she wants to accomplish and create a plan of action to achieve it while overcoming obstacles.


Clear Articulation

The first benefit comes from the person on the hot seat (HOT SEATER) clearly articulating his or her ideas in a manner that the other members of the mastermind group understand. We often get so caught up in thoughts & ideas swirling around in our minds that it proves to be challenging to clearly express those ideas and struggles aloud. Hearing oneself speak the thoughts aloud and receiving reactions from real people is greatly beneficial.


In our world of short attention spans and constant interruptions, it is a pleasure to "have the spotlight" for a set time without the threat of someone else talking over you. We all deserve time to talk, think, pause... talk again.

Normally, when we pause to think, someone else jumps in and that disrupts our ability to "go deep" and get to the next level. Like an onion, we need to peel back the layers to uncover what's really going on. A properly structured & facilitated MASTERMIND HOT SEAT allows for this time without interruption.

Specific Questions

Everyone on the HOT SEAT is given a series of questions. I usually ask 4 specific questions to my groups. The questions should give the Hot Seater a framework yet be open enough to invite room for personal interpretation and express what is most important in this moment.

Group Support

After the Hot Seater has finished answering the questions in the allotted time, the Hot Seat shifts. Now the Mastermind Members will ask the Hot Seater clarifying questions to make sure the Hot Seater's focus is on the right goal. Together the group supports the Hot Seater by brainstorming, problem solving and offering new perspectives, resources, and ideas to consider.

There is immense value in drawing on the collective experiences, education and wisdom of the group.

Specific Action Steps

By the end of the hot seat, the Hot Seater must form a specific goal and action steps that he or she is committed to take and sets a date to complete it.

This is the critical point where ideas transform into actions.


The Hot Seater is now held accountable to do what she said she would do. At the next mastermind meeting, she will report her actions to the group. "What was the outcome? Do you need to go back and make a reiteration of the plan? What was the result? Or are you ready for the next step?"

People often perform better when they have to share their results with others.


The results I see most from the members of my Mastermind groups can be summarized in two main points:




Are You Ready To Shine on the Hot Seat?

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Live full-out,


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