Your children want to connect with you. They want to show you who they really are. They want to know that you understand what they're going through.

You crave the connection with your teens that you once had. Now people are so busy and even when we families are together, they are disconnected and distracted.

Do you feel like too much of your time with your kids is spent "going down the list" .... i.e., asking about homework, tests, clean up your room, put your stuff away, what time do I pick you up, etc.?

There's nothing better than having moments with your kids of pure joy, laughter and feeling connected. As kids get older & we all get busier, those moments are harder to come by.

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

As adolescents navigate the stormiest years in their development, they need coaching, support, good examples and most of all understanding. Once seen as a time for parents to step back, adolescence is increasingly viewed as an opportunity to stay tuned in and emotionally connected.

Finding fun ways to engage and interact with your adolescent helps keep lines of communication and trust open.

Hi! I'm Krista Inochovsky, mom of 2 teens, the founder of M:POWERD MINDFULNESS FOR TEENS, and an Empowerment & Mindfulness Coach for Tweens, Teens, and Parents.

I created this #happyteenchallenge for you, for the kids and for our community.

  • It's FREE!

  • It's for parents & guardians

  • It's for tweens & teens

  • It's on-line LIVE (or watch replays)

  • It's fun

The activities/ "Challenges" are to be done together, parent & kid .... to generate a fun-loving connection between you.

SIGN UP here: https://mailchi.mp/cc3eec728adc/happyteenchallenge

Download your CHALLENGE CHART & get reminders for the Challenge Instruction Videos in the FB Group.

Join our FB Group for Parents of Teens https://www.facebook.com/groups/mpoweredteens/

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