#2 Time Travel #HappyTeenChallenge

It's time to use your imagination with Challenge #2 Time Travel!

Here are a series of questions for kids to ask parents and for parents to ask kids.

You can do this around the dinner table, while driving or on a family game night.

You can play this by generation: kids, parents/aunts/uncles, and grandparents.

TEENS ask your Parents

  1. When you were my age what was your favorite….

  2. Outfit & hairstyle

  3. Activity & games

  4. Songs & artists

  5. What did you want to be when you grew up?

  6. Tell me something embarring that happened to you in middle/ high school

  7. What happened that felt like a great failure at the time?

  8. Now that you are a parent, what would you tell your teenage self?

  9. What do you think my life will be like when I am your age?

Time Travel Questions For All

  1. If you could time travel to the past to any day or year in your own life, what would it be and why?

  2. If you could time travel to the past to a year before your birth, when, where and why?

  3. If you could time travel into the future in your life, what age would you choose and why?

Get video instructions for this Time Travel Challenge here!


  • Watch the movie BACK TO THE FUTURE together

  • Watch a period piece movie and talk about what you think it was really like to live in that era.


Not only is this activity fun, doing this together helpful in three ways:

  1. Connection, interaction & engagement together

  2. Creativity! Challenge each other to be creative in your answers. Use details, descriptions and emotions.

  3. Vulnerability: Parents, this an opportunity for you to share failures and struggles from your past. Be vulnerable. Show empathy.

Post About It...

Post at least one fun answer or a picture you playing the game or a picture of mom or dad as a teenager!

Use #happyteenchallenge and #timetravel

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